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2/24/08 6:25:12PM
two of my fighter fought last night, both won, sub 1st round.

its nice to see the guys i show how to fight doing so well.

anyone fightin anytime soon?
2/24/08 6:53:47PM
Do you teach MMA?
2/24/08 7:09:47PM
I just had my 3rd Amature Fight last Weekend, Where I live they have orgtanized Pancrase matches every once and a while. So far I 3-0 with 2 Submissions from Guillotines and 1 TKO from strikes from the mount. My goal is to turn pro when I'm 18.
2/24/08 7:33:52PM
Im pretty much like Frank Trigg except its with guillotines. Yea, I have a damn ostrich neck.
I have a mean RnC though.

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