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2/21/09 5:33:46PM
just as an example even if they are unrealistic

karo parisyan 155

mirko cro cop 205

2/21/09 6:10:20PM
I think Diego should or could stay up and be a threat for the title. Either division I can see him fighting for the title.

Thiago Silva should drop down. He looks chubby and could definitely be a force at 185. But their still are some sweet sick slugfests he could be in with other up and comers at 205 if he would stay like Luiz Cane or Jon Jones

Rich should go back down if he's not already with Wandy, it's were he belongs and still can remain relavent.

Brandon Vera should move back up. At Heavyweight he was faster then everybody else which put him at an advantage and he has very powerful strikes and could be a threat again since the division is still lacking since nobody sticks out as the guy to lead the way for that division. At 205 he really isn't anybody, he really seemed out of place in his last two fights and if you can't KO Jardine when you know his weakness, I think he needs to go back up.

2/21/09 7:24:55PM
Jason Lambert should drop to 185. If Randy fights again, I hope its at 205.
2/21/09 7:38:11PM
all these fighters could easily challenge for titles right away

couture- down to lwh
crocop- down to lhw (it will never happen)
wand-down to mw
shogun- down to mw
guida- down to fw
edgar- down to fw
sanchez- down to lw (looked awesome at this weight)
torres- up to fw
sakurai- back down to lw
serra- down to lw

2/22/09 10:43:56AM
GSP to mw,randy back to lhw,paul kelly lw,cro-cop lhw,karo parisyen lw.
2/23/09 4:42:29PM
Clay Guida
Frankie Edgar
Hermes Franca
2/23/09 10:32:02PM
Eveyone in ufc middleweight division
2/23/09 11:46:32PM
Joe Stevenson to 145
2/24/09 12:28:05AM
Might be cool to see Koscheck drop down and fight Diego at lightweight. I wonder if he's considering that. GSP should also hop up to MW and fight for the title.
2/24/09 11:51:22AM

Posted by chickmagnet

Joe Stevenson to 145

I was thinking about him too. There are a handful of UFC Lightweights who look capable of dropping to Featherweight, but are probably resistant to dropping to a "lesser" organization. Let's face it, even though the WEC's Featherweight division is stacked, the public still regards the WEC as a lower tier of competition, if they regard it at all. Guys like Tyson Griffin, Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard have no reason to move down, and Urijah Faber has talked about moving up.

However, Stevenson has dropped out of the UFC's Lightweight Top 10, and barring a dramatic transformation, he's probably lost any chance of a title shot in the next couple of years. At this point, he should probably be open-minded about moving to another organization. If a Japanese promotion offered him a contract, I'd say he should go for it, but I don't know how likely that is. If Strikeforce or WEC offered him a Lightweight fight, I think he could make some noise, but if he's of a mind to leave the UFC, I think the WEC's Featherweight division carries more prestige.
2/24/09 4:10:59PM
Thiago Silva should cut to 185.
2/24/09 5:24:05PM
Rich won't go back to 185 as long as Anderson is still there... Rish is the number 2 MW in the world... and he just cannot beat anderson...
2/24/09 5:33:56PM

Posted by hymiekooken

Jason Lambert should drop to 185.

he did and he to mcdonald by RNC
2/24/09 8:57:53PM
chris leben 170

2/24/09 9:40:32PM
Frankie Edgar was the first name to pop in my head he would be perfect at 145

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