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10/15/07 9:57:59AM
When discussing fighter salaries, Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White is fond of saying, "I take care of my guys."

Some of those guys aren't so sure.

10/15/07 10:29:31AM
Dana better be careful, hes a smart guy but Cuban is a genius. We could be all watching HDnet fights instead of UFC fights here in a couple of years.
10/15/07 11:57:17AM
Dan has complianed about the UFC contracts before while setting up Soko.
10/15/07 12:22:58PM
I didn't realize Hendo wasn't signed...
10/15/07 3:08:27PM
so i guess to dan at 185
10/15/07 3:53:45PM
That sucks.... I hope Hendo doesn't leave too. Dana has the money to pay his fighters and I think he better get his S**T together.
10/15/07 4:00:30PM
dana doesnt want to give dan henderson a good contract, he just wants him to come over and lose his status as pride champion by losing

as soon as he lost to rampage they basically tried forcing him down to middleweight

as of right now, i say give it a few more years and hdnet will be bigger then ufc
10/15/07 4:48:09PM
sad when you see some guys training and getting rocked for 5,000

wonder what they make from promotions/advertizing......
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