UFC fighters choose their musical poison

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1/11/09 12:29:46AM
When two men get in a cage and fight, the music that signals their entrance is rarely soothing. But there is more than just head-banging to the UFC soundtrack.

Sure bands like Icepick, Godsmack, Disturbed, Manowar, Danzig, Drowning Pool and Rage Against the Machine blare out of arena speakers. At times, a live UFC show can be like having a red-hot poker inserted in your ear. Thankfully there is a little variety - and in some cases, a little bit of thought behind the music.

1/11/09 9:49:39AM
Very interesting article
1/11/09 10:46:10AM
i always like reading stuff like this

1/11/09 12:21:13PM
cool article. i personally like it when people come out to really mellow music. i think it would be awesome if someone came out to "how it ends" by devotchka. whats more intimidating than your opponent coming out to a song that is saying "you already know how this will end" in a soothing voice? idk, maybe its just me who thinks that
1/11/09 1:09:19PM
good article. It's always interesting to see what guys are walking out to. It's part of the whole experience, they didn't mention Ain't No Sunshine which is one of my personal fav's.
1/12/09 10:45:48AM
GO Gonzaga! Danzig rules!
1/12/09 3:22:40PM
Surprised that no one comes out to any really heavy metal, but I guess its all a matter of personal opinion.
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