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11/14/07 12:29:16PM
UFC Vet Sonnen to Face Paulo Filho for WEC Title.

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen (19-8-1 MMA, 1-2 UFC) will face WEC middleweight champion Paulo Filho (15-0) at WEC 31, which takes place Dec. 12 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.
11/14/07 2:47:18PM
This should make for a very good fight. Chael is a pretty well rounded fighter with some good wrestling. The question here will be if Chael even wants to try and take Paulo down or just keep it standing.
11/14/07 2:48:22PM
good matchup, filho should win but sonnen is a tough matchup for anybody.
11/14/07 2:53:26PM
I was worried they would not be able to find a decent contender for Filho, but Sonnen should put on an excellent challege for the belt......
11/14/07 3:42:25PM
well im glad they got someone to fight filho thats worth a damn, after hearing it wasnt trigg i was worried theyd throw anyone they could find at paulo. filho should win, but sonnen is no pushover.
11/15/07 11:58:20AM
I guess Chael's not w/Bodog anymore. This should be a damn good fight. Sonnen's a tought sob. He wrestling metality will make him want to take this fight to the ground, but Filho submission skills are very high-level. Paulo's definately the favorite here, but this IS mma, and as we all know, anything can happen. I've still got Filho to win though.
11/15/07 12:15:30PM
not a bad match-up especiall y for a replacement fighter...but I dont really think anyone in the WEC middleweight division is on Filhos level
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