UFC 78: Fighter paydays and salaries for ‘Validation’

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11/19/07 4:37:10PM
We’re not going to get to see them, according to Nicholas Lembo, Counsel for the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB).
11/19/07 6:07:30PM
i hope they never hold another event in new jersy.. judges seem to be garbage no matter where you go.. the refs were separating people at every opportunity, over egar to please the fans in my opinion.. and that doctor stoppage of the lytle/alves fight was horrible. Both fighters got robbed of the conclusion of that fight, and the fans got robbed of the full version of FOTN.
11/19/07 11:44:45PM
Bonuses at 55 . Wow. They have doubled in a year. these are just the bonuses they guarentee to give out though, Randy admitted he got a 500, 000 bonus for the Sylvia fight. You would think with Bonuses possibilities like these everyone would fight harder, but some guys still seem to be tentative or wait too long to let it all hang out , sometimes IMO.
11/20/07 1:08:52AM
We'll find out for sure in Dec/early Jan when the UFC 78 pay is released, but I would be very supprised if the pay wasn't raised across the board substancialy, especially for the lower earning fighters. With the Randy thing and the power of the internet the UFC has looked pretty bad when it comes to pay I think they will take that into consideration.

That said bonuses that aren't seen are a huge part of the equasion, its too bad we don't have more info on these for the lesser stars so we could understand this a little better.
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