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12/13/07 1:58:14PM
Dan Miller, who was to face Rory Markham at the IFL GP Finals, is now off the event due to a broken bone in his face. Tom Galechio is the reported replacement.

12/13/07 2:04:42PM
Yeah, the IFL won't last much longer. I thought that it was a good original idea, but they have made a ton of mistakes on the business side. I am probably one of the few fans that likes watching IFL, but even I have to admit that it won't last much longer.
12/13/07 2:17:36PM
Yeah, I cant see it going much longer either. I will probably tune in for the finals, but I just about cant watch it anymore. There are so many shows on TV now (UFC, WEC, EliteXC, HDNet) I have all the MMA I want without the IFL. Not that I didnt enjoy the IFL, but after awhile you just realize that the team concept will never work. The best thing they had going for them was Bas as a commentator. Wish I had gotten in on that big stock jump though!
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