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4/29/08 1:13:56PM
Here are a bunch of pics from Battle Cage Extreme 4 in Atlantic City last Saturday. A big thank you to for taking these photos for us.

I will be attending a few fights in May and I will try to get as many pictures as I can to share with you guys.

2 Bomb Squad fighters (Pat Audinwood and Nick Caladrino) took home belts that night. ToeZup sponsors the Bomb Squad and I just wanted to share these with everyone. Thanks for taking a look.

Here is a link to the entire gallery.

Pat Audinwood

Jon Jones

Blair Tugman

Damien Vitale

Randy Smith

4/29/08 1:18:44PM
sweet freaking pictures dude

grats on the team win
4/29/08 2:01:01PM
Thank you very much babytater03. I'll try to keep bringing you guys some good pics. I should have some good ones from MFC 16 on HDNet May 9th. One of our fighters Chris Camozzi is fighting that night so I should get some good ones. I'll post all the pics I get from that event as well. Thanks man. Props.
4/29/08 2:05:00PM
The second pic kinda looks like JZ

Good Pics man, and nice to see you guys did good. Good luck on your upcoming events.
4/29/08 3:20:18PM
Thank you very much juanez13 it was a good night. JZ look-a-like no doubt.
We have some good fights coming up. Chris Camozzi on the 9th of May and Marcus Hicks is fighting Jaimie Varner for the WEC lightweight belt. Marcus's agent told me it is tentatively set for August 5th. Thanks again bro.
4/30/08 9:26:06AM
Here are some good pics from the Pete Spratt Ryan Ford fight. Spratt's one of our boys too, he's a good guy.

5/29/08 2:54:11AM
nice photos
5/29/08 2:55:20AM
great photos
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