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3/23/11 8:43:34AM
another card approaches us
march has been a nice month for mma

good card
i still think co main event should have been main event
but anyways

fight of the night

i am gonna give obvious fight of the year last year?? anyone want seconds??
korean zombie vs bad boy

ko of the night

all of aj ko's have come brutal from his head kick over burns to him almost killing yoshida notch another ko for him
hardy plan to bang it out if condit can ko him god help him if aj unleashes on him

sub of night

gonna go with big sexy mccorkle subbing out christian


lowe vs lenz will be a dandy


dont count out lil nog!
3/23/11 11:31:30AM
FOTN - Hardy VS Johnson (Maybe The Korean Zombie and Garcia but I think Jung changes his game up big time and goes for takedowns.)

KOTN - Christian Morecraft

SOTN - Mackens Semerzier
3/23/11 12:19:30PM
FOTN: Sadollah/Johnson

KOTN: Morecraft

SOTN: Mcdonald

Upset: I like Johnson and Lowe and I guess Morecraft is a little underdog.
3/23/11 1:04:36PM
Fight Of The Night: Garcia/Zombie

Knockout Of The Night: Anthony Johnson

Submission Of The Night: John Hathaway

Upset Of The Night: I don't see any major upsets happening, unless you count Lil Nog winning as an upset, which is possible.
3/23/11 3:28:51PM
Fight of the Night : Johnson vs Hardy

Submission of the Night : Lil Nog, if he pulls it off.

KO of the night : AJ over Hardy.

3/23/11 4:22:54PM
FOTN Garcia v Zombie
KOTN Hedricks
SOTN Bruce Leeroy
UOTN Hardy to out pt and footwork Johnson
3/23/11 6:25:25PM
To be honest, If Johnson lands the haymaker on Hardy, I dont see Hardy getting up anytime soon.
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