UFC Fight Night 12: Kurt Pellegrino vs. Alberto Crane (Exclusive)

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11/21/07 5:27:47PM
MMAmania.com (www.mmamania.com) just learned that lightweight grapplers Kurt Pellegrino (10-3) and Alberto Crane (8-1) will go at it on January 23 at UFC Fight Night 12. It’s a showdown that pits two of the top jiu-jitsu fighters in the division against one another.

11/21/07 5:29:39PM
pellegrino should win this one, imo he is better than huerta and huerta dismantled crane. crane does have some upside though with his second to bj penn jiu jitsu but he is not there on an mma level just yet.
11/21/07 10:16:35PM
great fight, seriously hope its main card, this event is shaping up very nicely now, so many great lw fights
11/22/07 12:51:30AM
I agree, Crane is too one-dimensional. Kurt should take this easily.
11/22/07 1:43:46AM
Yeah I have to go with Kurt also.
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