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9/16/08 8:29:30PM
Ok i'm kinda upset that there is only 4 fights on the main card why would they take Joe Lauzon and kyle bradley and put them on the undercard fight ? so 4 fights is all we gonna see? or will there be more...Your thoughts?
9/16/08 8:45:22PM
Yeah there definately will be more Fights, like remember how =the TUF 7 Finale was only supposed to show 5 Fights but they showed 8, That's what I think will happen
9/16/08 8:45:37PM
I think we will see more or at least we should.IMO
9/16/08 10:21:32PM
As long as we don't get four decisions (which I doubt will happen) we will see more. My guess is at least five, they just can't promise it because they have to allot time for friggin commercials.
9/17/08 12:49:21AM
I really wanted to see joe on the main card?
9/17/08 1:17:38PM
4 fights in a 3 hour slot seems a little weird to me, looks like we might be in for lots of commerical breaks and mike goldbergs thoughts.
9/17/08 1:20:23PM
It's 2 hours, not 3. The card airs from 8-10 PM.
9/17/08 1:39:20PM
I personally only have two fights going the distance. Hopefully more than 4 will be shown and more importantly, I hope I'm right!

9/17/08 1:42:24PM
This card makes me sad because I can't watch it till Firday because I can't watch the fights at my college. So I won't be able to be on any MMA sites until friday...ugh I really hope Lauzon wins becuase alot of pole are really underestimating Bradley...by alot.
9/17/08 1:51:29PM

Posted by DCRage

It's 2 hours, not 3. The card airs from 8-10 PM.

Weird, over here its from 1-4. Wounder why that is.
9/17/08 2:13:45PM
I really wnated to see the Lauzon fight

we should see it though

If the shows 2 hours, and theres only 4 fights, if they all go to a decision then theres still about half hour to fill
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