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7/12/08 9:38:21AM
There are times Joe Silva sits in front of his video screen and can't believe what he sees. Much of it he calls "wacky stuff," like the guy who said he'd "never actually fought, but I'm a professional rodeo rider, and I think I could do this."

Or the video from a pair of brothers who claimed to hate each other and wanted to settle their feud in the octagon.

"I'm like, 'yeah, we don't do that,' " Silva said.

7/12/08 12:23:45PM

"Kimbo Slice is the best thing to happen to MMA in the last 15 years," Slayne said. "People who don't know what we do, they know Kimbo Slice."

I swear to Christ I think I just suffered an anuerism from reading that.
The second statement suggests to me that casual fans who know Kimbo Slice do not associate him with what the article subjects do, which is MMA. Does anyone else see the irony or is this merely a result of my anuerism?

7/30/08 12:42:36PM
It seems to me that he was trying to say that people who don't / didn't normally pay attention to MMA might now because of Kimbo. This seems to hold some truth as Elite XC on CBS got much better rating when its card included Kimbo.
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