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6/30/08 11:42:39PM
PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 26, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA - A new reality series featuring Amanda Lucas and eleven other female Mixed Martial Artists is being produced by Los Angeles based production company One Giant Leap Media. Promoter Belinda Dunne brought together two teams (USA vs Australasia) for the continental ‘Princesses of Pain’ Championship and the cameras were there to capture all of the drama, including Lucas’ mixed martial arts debut in Auckland on May 31st.

6/30/08 11:47:32PM
Hell ya im there.
7/1/08 12:04:14AM
Props to the guy who called this. I forgot who said it but I think this would be a good reality tv show compared to some of the bs out there
7/1/08 9:05:22AM
I think the only thing that could make this show interesting is if the girls are smoking hot.

Although, I do agree with Pitbull, that this will be better than most the crap on TV.
7/1/08 10:57:21AM
Sounds interesting.But I got a feeling 3 years from now we will all be saying: "Remeber back in the day when they had that all woman fight league?whatever happened to that?"
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