Fedor and Sylvia interviewed side by side

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5/22/08 5:29:03PM
Fedor and Tim Sylvia interviewed together. Nothing really amazing, just cool that HDNet throws a few tidbits on Youtube.

HDNet on Youtube
5/22/08 6:22:24PM
I almost think Tim seemed to be a bit in Awe of Fedor.. not scared or afraid mind you.. just well.. Honored to get the shot the other top heavyweights want....

I still predict 1st round sub by Fedor...
5/23/08 1:26:32AM

LoL how pissed off is Dana right now???

5/23/08 5:52:23AM
I like Tim, he gets some stick but he shows respect and says it like it is.

Fedor is (as usual) a perfect gentleman.

This is the best hw match up in years........I can't wait.
5/23/08 7:39:20AM
I loved at the first conference when Tim said Fedor was waiting for him when he got off the plane.The way he said it was halarious!
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