Fedor Emelianenko Signs Contract Extension, Will Face Antonio Silva

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1/4/11 12:22:24PM
A rumored Fedor Emelianenko vs. Antonio Silva fight is expected to be announced imminently, sources with knowledge of the situation have confirmed to MMA Fighting.

As part of the announcement, Strikeforce, Showtime and M-1 will announce that Emelianenko has signed a multi-fight extension that will guarantee his participation in a Strikeforce heavyweight tournament set to begin on Feb. 12.

1/4/11 3:11:32PM
1/4/11 8:15:08PM
I do enjoy like watching fedor fight
Looking forward to it
1/6/11 12:40:38AM
I love a Fedor fight but honestly, I always think of him as the underdog. I think Silva is a pretty good match up for him, 2nd round KO in Fedor's favor.
1/6/11 1:30:23AM
I was still clinging to some faint hope that he would finish his contract with M-1 and not re-sign but I guess that's never happening.

Pretty sad to see from a fan's perspective. It's his career and his life, he's well off enough that he doesn't need to do anything for money, but as a fan it's really disappointing to see probably the greatest fighter to ever compete fighting in a secondary promotion and not in the UFC.
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