Fedor Defends Combat Sambo World Championship

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11/11/07 1:26:55AM
Fedor Emelianenko (Pictures) won the open-weight division of the 31st Combat Sambo World Championship on Nov. 10 in Prague. With the win, the 31-year-old Russian, widely regarded as the No. 1 heavyweight fighter in the world, defended the title he won two years ago in the Czech Republic capital.

To do so, he had to step on the mats only once. The 220-plus-pound representative from Uzbekistan did not show in Prague, thus giving Fedor a bye to the semifinals. There he quickly took out a Bulgarian fighter via choke to set up a meeting with a Ukrainian competitor in the finals.

Much to Fedor's chagrin, the Ukrainian fighter, who had defeated UFC veteran Kristof Midoux (Pictures) in the other semifinal, did not turn up either, handing Fedor the victory.


11/11/07 2:11:23AM
lol.. i'm pretty sure the outcome would've been the same either way but this seems like a very poorly handled organization
11/11/07 2:20:03AM
the KGB is apparently very influencial in that organization.
11/11/07 3:20:43AM
Fedor doesn't lose at sambo, he's won every sambo match he's had since 2002. Acctually he hasn't lost a match in sambo or mma combined since 2000, decent.
11/11/07 3:45:20AM
yeah! as far as i know, they take Sambo very serious, in all those contries over there... police, military, all of them use and train Sambo, even the president (Vladimir Putin) and the Prime Minister (Viktor Zubkov) go and watch those tournaments. thats a big thing there.

and also if i recalled Andrei Arlovski is a sambo expect as well.
11/11/07 5:44:05AM

Posted by wapttn

lol.. i'm pretty sure the outcome would've been the same either way but this seems like a very poorly handled organization

yea sumthin tells me its not the organizations fault for the fighters not showing up. usually makes for a better show if there are more fights.
11/11/07 4:35:54PM
They probably got paid not to show up so Fedor could continue to hold his prestige. LOL!!!
11/12/07 3:43:53PM
It seems kinda silly now that this was such a sticking point in the contract negotiations with the UFC - all so he could go and be handed a victory by getting a bye.

11/12/07 4:16:21PM
There's also the HW sambo championships, money, non exclusive, fights in russia, not working for dana, and a few other perks not signing with the UFC brought fedor.
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