Fedor: "Dana Talks a lot"

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12/13/07 2:07:42PM
The following is an excerpt from an interview on MMAWeekly.com with PRIDE Heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko.

ana-%5BWhite%5D-Talks-A-Lot.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.mmanews.com/ufc/Fedor-Emelianenkoana-%5BWhite%5D-Talks-A-Lot.html
12/13/07 2:08:49PM
Link doesn't work, try this one:
(removed, doesn't work)
Pretty much confirms what we already knew about Dana. He does talk too much.
12/13/07 2:10:12PM
12/13/07 2:33:47PM
meet him in the cage and it will happen imo, not the ring..
dana will let fedor come to the UFC and fight for him
12/14/07 5:20:15AM
on danas terms he will let this happen. all he has to do is allow fedor to fight one time without strings attached like almost every other organization allows. fedor has never ducked anyone and it amazes me that so many people think he is gonna start now.

i think it would be smart for dana to let them fight at this point. now that randy has been stripped he doesnt have to worry about havign a champ that does not want to fight for his org. which is the only valid reason to demand such a strict contract. do one show with M1 and let the fans get to see the most anticipated match up in mma history, and at the same time make randy happy and get him back on board.
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