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1/6/11 10:46:59AM
This will be my first input here but i hope it wont be my last.
Ive just finished a youtube video that is about Fedor Emelianenko.In i i try to back him up against all the smack talk that has been said against him lately due to his only real loss against Fabricio.I hope he will get his redemption some day and that Dana SPITE will grow enough balls to dare to co-promote together with M1-global and strikeforce in a REAL Grand Prix where the worlds best heavyweights compete once and for all.

Here is the link to the video, its a bit long but it contains footages of all of his fights:

1/6/11 3:00:06PM
I wanna see Fedor in the UFC but I don't want Dana to co promote with M1 everything they are involved in goes to crap.
1/7/11 12:56:07AM
i dont think dana should continue try to get fedor. hes to close to retirement. i got nothing against fedor i just dont think hes relevant as the top fighter anymore. i still dont know why he put himself into werdums guard, a real champ would have known that his guard was dangerous. fedor is and always will be one of the greatest fighter but you cant be the best forever, people get old and retire.
1/7/11 8:30:47AM
Fedor is not the Fedor of PRIDE.
People have to realize that.
The long breaks between fights and not fighting top guys really hurt him.

Winning the SF Tournament will prove me wrong but at the moment I don't see a reason why the UFC should put up with the M1 BS that comes with Fedor.
1/16/11 3:02:52PM
so he fell of after his first (real) loss of his career??? then please explain how terrible your ufc champs are since they ALL have (way) more losses then the last emperor...
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