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4/27/08 8:13:52PM
Or so says their American rep to ADCC News:

FEG-USA top dog Mike Kogan contacted Kid Peligro and ADCC News regarding the rumors that DREAM had lost its TBS contract. Mike stated: "We're still with TBS and still have primetime slots. HEROS had 4 prime time slots with TBS, DREAM replaced HEROS and we are planning 7 events (6 in Japan and 1 in Korea) plus Dynamite. It was impossible to get that many prime time slots so we decided that we would have the first event on prime time, the next on one week delay. We will have the two Grand Prix finals and Dynamite on Prime time."

The rumors started recently when DREAM 2 was not scheduled for a primetime slot but rather pay-per-view, Mike explained: "Pay-per-view is a growing market in Japan and this actually is an additional revenue stream for us. I don't know where these people get these rumors but this was all negotiated last year so nothing has changed."

4/27/08 8:34:17PM
I think Dream is doing well now, they have their PPV's their network tv deal in Japan and then the new HDnet deal. FEG is very smart and I didn't think that they had lost their TBS deal since according to a few of their big named fighters they didn't even know that, and they still continued to sign big money talent like Mark Hunt, and have contracts to have the emilianenko brothers fighting on their cards very soon.
4/28/08 12:00:15AM
looks like our hopes of DREAM becoming the new PRIDE are coming along nicely, im still not giving up on the idea of an MMA Super Bowl
4/28/08 12:34:07AM
Does this mean we will be able to watch it on the internet like Dream 1?
4/28/08 3:20:16AM
ok so i havn't been payin attention to this, will DREAM 2 air on TBS?
4/28/08 9:33:37AM

Posted by RMFG_187

ok so i havn't been payin attention to this, will DREAM 2 air on TBS?

Either TBS or PPV in Japan, and HDNet here in North America.
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