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3/2/08 3:04:18PM
it makes sense, he got ko'd twice in LHW tim sylvia did give him an opportunity he defended it once and claimed he has no fights left? i love randy but when i think about it dana starts to make more sense.
I think we all need to come up with a scheme and start some type of petition or sending personal letters to xtremecouture.tv like how we did to spike to make it a longer broadcast and say as fans we want to see him fight nogueira and if he wins request the fight with fedor.

I truely think Randy would destroy Nog in dirty boxing the whole fight nog would not be able to take him down and then Randy has so much better grounds for the last fight of his career to ask Dana in the octagon infront of everyone to co promote and put on this one fight against fedor

3/2/08 3:35:16PM
I think Randy is making a smart career move in not fighting Nog. Everyone has Randy on a high pedestal right now. Losing to Nog would make the Fedor fight not as meaningful, and yes, I think he'd lose to Big Nog.
3/2/08 3:38:57PM
I disagree with your assessment of a possible Nog Couture fight. Nog always finds a way to get the fight to the ground, TIm, Cro Cop, Fedor, ect. He always gets it where he wants it, and once there he can submit anyone(but Fedor), since he uses submissions as distractions to get you to move right into another sub. I also think Randy would get picked apart on his feet, Nog has great boxing. IMHO I think Randy vs. Fedor would be a better fight.
3/2/08 5:53:53PM
We have no right to "tell" Randy how to conduct his career. Giving our opinions on here I'm all for, but to start a petition is over the line. And he had no right to ask UFC, a well established international company, to co promote with an org that hasn't even held an event.
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