Fabers Leg

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4/26/10 12:09:29AM
Fabers leg Via FB
The link works for me but I got it from a UFC news site I'm a fan of not sure if it will work for everyone. Let me know.
4/26/10 12:10:12AM
I posted this last night in the lounge.
4/26/10 12:12:17AM
nvm, these are different pics and much sweeter!!
4/26/10 12:15:04AM
The one is in your lounge thread. I have tried to just post the pic before but never seem to get it right how do you do that. I know it must be the insert web image tool do you have to take them to photo bucket or something?
4/26/10 12:16:56AM
that's just disturbing. It doesn't even look like the same leg in the standing photo. It looks like LHW's leg on his body it's so swollen. Good lord, I hope he posts the pictures of those bad boys when they turn black.
4/26/10 1:00:36AM
looks like a watermelon or something
4/30/10 7:19:06PM
I bet that hurts a hell of a lot. Aldo is no joke. That guy comes out to put it on you. Faber is a great fighter but he got schooled.
4/30/10 7:37:09PM
Most people would against Aldo. He's a machine at 23. It is insane that the kid can only get better than he already is. I don't even want to think of how scary he will be in his late 20's/early 30's.
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