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4/25/10 1:15:26AM
Here is a twitter pic Faber took of his leg a second ago.
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4/25/10 1:20:36AM
I'd like to see the pic tomorrow....that thing will be PURPLE!!!
4/25/10 3:39:48AM
Wow that swelling seems abnormally large. I wouldn't be surprised to hear it's damaged worse than what would be considered "normal"
4/25/10 9:21:03AM
all i can say is.......

4/25/10 12:55:11PM
Judging by that swelling, he's probably got a fracture.
4/25/10 7:16:32PM
I knew those kicks by Aldo were devastating but damn....that's gnarly.
4/25/10 8:32:55PM
Here's the purple showing up! OUCH!!
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4/25/10 8:41:10PM
judas priest, that's awesome. he trashed that leg.
4/26/10 6:35:02PM
I don't know how Urijah Faber made it through that whole fight. It had to have been agony to stand on that leg during the last two rounds.
4/26/10 7:42:41PM
I'd have tapped from leg strikes for sure. That's uncanny, the absurd amount of respect I have for Faber's heart just tripled, if that's possible.
4/26/10 8:48:13PM
damage like that to a leg doesnt just go away. its gonna probably take some serious time to get back to even what it was. not alot of room for improvement. beatings like that shorten careers. randy couture said his fight with pedro rizo took him somethin like 9 months to completly get over the damage of those leg kicks in that fight.
4/27/10 12:39:03AM
All I can say is.... Aldo is a DANGEROUS man.
4/27/10 1:01:45AM
Holy crap! I can't even fathom a proper response!
4/28/10 2:53:41PM
Looks like Faber's time in the hyperbaric is starting to pay off. These are picks of yesterday and the day before.
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