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8/10/10 7:10:57AM
While Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Lawal may not be the underdog against Rafael Cavalcante (Feijao), the champion has the midset that he is indeed the UD. "Feijao knows he wants the knock out. He doesn’t want the submission. He trains in the ground game, but I’m training with guys in Jiu-Jitsu that are comparable. So I’m not worried at the ground at all because I’ve got good submission defense.... I don’t know. If you ask me if I could beat anybody I’m going to say I can beat anybody. I’d win against anybody with a good game plan. It doesn’t matter who it is. Except my momma. It doesn’t matter who it is, I’ll beat them with a good game plan.... I’ve only been fighting for two years. There’s no pressure on me whatsoever. If there’s pressure on anybody it’s Feijao. He has the name. He’s been fighting longer and he’s been training longer. I remember watching Feijao just mashing people in the IFL. I think people look at me as having the bigger name but I don’t care. I think he’s the favorite. I’m the underdog even though I’m the champ.... I may be implementing a new style like from Bernard Hopkins, one of my favorite boxers. I’m going to implement his style. And maybe if that doesn’t work than a little of Paul Williams. So you’ll all be seeing some new stuff from me."

8/10/10 11:30:06AM
I think Lawal is the favorite, less people probably know about Feijao. Im hoping for a Feijao finish.
8/10/10 12:14:07PM
Yeah I'm not to impressed with King "Mo"........I felt Mousasi did a lot of damage from his back in they're fight even though Lawal did achieve dominating position almost the entire 5 rounds..........I'd like to see him develop his stand-up a bit more, instead of humpin' someone's leg for 5 rounds..............
8/10/10 1:38:55PM
If Mike Kyle can beat Feijao...

King Mo is going to dominate him like he did Mousasi.
8/10/10 1:43:01PM
All Lawal really needs to do is keep getting takedowns and defend against submissions on the ground, but hopefully he's improved his conditioning since the Mousasi fight.
8/10/10 1:44:11PM

Posted by gartface

If Mike Kyle can beat Feijao...

King Mo is going to dominate him like he did Mousasi.

my thouhgts exactly
8/11/10 1:08:12AM
I think Mo could actually score a KO win here....Feijao isn't exactly unbeatble. I believe Mo hits just as hard as Kyle, if he lands it will be over.
8/11/10 2:48:03PM
Mo's got a mouth, but he is the real deal. I like Feijao, but there is no way he is going to be able to avoid being taken down. Mo can fight a fight wherever he wants it, and I think we are going to see another 5 round takedown clinic. I hope Mo makes it to the UFC soon. That's where the challenges are at for him.
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