Exclusive Interview with Chuck Liddell’s Trainer and Manager, John Hackleman.

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8/8/07 2:54:42PM
This week Jabsngrabs.com spoke at great length with former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell’s manager and trainer, John Hackleman.


8/8/07 3:34:10PM
Good interview. However I don't know what he meant about the fighters being "even." He was either talking about Jardine and Rua, or Griffin and Rua. Whichever, it's still crap.
I've waited so long for the Liddell/Silva fight I almost don't care anymore. Ah, who am I kidding, I'm counting the days.
8/8/07 6:52:27PM
Shogun and Chuck aren't even in the same league. Look at Shogun's skill set, the competition he's already faced, and his age. Imagine Shogun at 30.

Rampage poking out stomach, in hilarious voice "I'm Chuck Liddell"
8/8/07 6:59:53PM
LOL just read the interview, he says Shogun and Jardine are the same talent-wise. He thinks Shogun "is just another guy", but it doesn't sound like he knows the names of any fighters (that blonde guy from AKA, the other wrestler) so he's probably never even seen Shogun dismantle Rampage.

Either way, I can't wait for Shogun to get his title shot. Finally. After he beats Forrest (at best for Forrest he'll last 15) I hope he gets Hendo, so he can avenge Wanderlei's defeat like he wanted to. Whether it's Rampage or Hendo, it's the Shogun era, and I can't wait.
8/8/07 9:01:02PM
I was somewhat convinced Hackleman was delussional from a few interviews before the Liddell fight happened with Rampage, this kind of proves it.
8/9/07 1:32:27AM
I'd love to Henderson vs Shogun. I can see it now.
8/9/07 10:25:49AM
I love Shogun. He's #2 of my fav fighters. However, putting him in the cage takes away from some of his aggressive fighting techniques. He'll still do great, but the PRIDE rules complimented his fighting style. Such as his vicious stomps and brutal soccer kicks to the face. Granted, he'll still be able to use his leg, body, and head kicks, and his kness (which he uses almost better than anyone), and his great BJJ. Also, it'll be great to see the addition of him being able to use his elbows. Watch out LHW's!!
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