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10/28/07 6:22:32PM

PDG: Did it bother you that your 1st scheduled fight with Pulver back in September was cancelled on short notice?
Cub: Yes it did bother me a lot. It bothered me because I did everything that I was supposed to do. I trained like a professional athlete and took the fight serious. I was ready to go and he got injured. Whether or not it was a real injury I cannot answer that. I doubt it was real though because a torn ACL doesn’t heal that fast. I think Jens just didn’t train hard and when he realized that. He wanted to start over. I have been training for this fight now since July and it angered me very much that we didn’t fight. My job and my life right now is fighting and I don’t think it is right that another fighter can toy with it like that. I keep hearing that he was getting MRI’s done on his knee and yet I never heard about any of the results. You know……Where are they?

Full interview: http://www.punchdrunkgamer.com/interviewsCubSwanson.html

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