UFC endures tough week

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10/16/07 2:42:55PM
While UFC remains the No. 1 domestic MMA brand in the U.S., last week's announcement by Randy Couture that he is resigning from the promotion wasn't the only bad news for Dana White. A couple of other domestic and foreign competitors made moves that only compounded the shock of Couture's departure.

10/16/07 3:00:13PM
Its only time before Fedor leaves M1 for UFC one he is critised for picking M1
its comming the UFC will buiry all competitors
10/16/07 3:31:47PM
A well-balanced article.
10/16/07 3:39:40PM
imo fedor is not going leave m-1 for ufc, if he does he will be makein a lot loss of money and if he loses 1 or 2 fights in m-1 his name is going to go down imo because he is going to be fightin no bodies
10/16/07 3:56:32PM
i think that fedor has completely miss his chance of proving that he is , like some peoples believe, the best actual fighter of the world.

if he come to the ufc, in 2 years or so , well, i don't see couture comimg bak at 46 or 47 to fight him, randy is close to the point that his body will not follow him anymore.

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