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3/18/16 1:28:55PM
Rumors of the Zuffa shopping the UFC have been floating around for over a year now, but with the recent ones coming up of them having a 6 billion dollar valuation, and a buyer from China, it's got me thinking...
Go back a year and a half around time of September '14, C Mac's persona was sinking it's teeth in alil, and after the starching of Porier, solidified his bite. I also think it signifies the Fertitas' and Dana's escape plan.
2015 was undoubtedly Mcgregors year, and I'm guessing that the guys figured "hell, let the kid run it up!" And just let the dog run. From multi million dollar press tours, and countless shows and appearances, they put a lot of chips into the Irish fighter. And for damn good reason. The return was phenomenal. Dana even gets to take a backseat during the whole thing. Conor is even doing their jobs for them anymore.
So with 200 looming, I felt like a Rousey Holm rematch was appropriate, with Conor in main event, or GSP COMING BACK, a superfight, but a rematch of Diaz vs Conor?! At WW?! Wtf.
All this makes me think is the UFC Is just making this because of how damn successful the first fight was. I loved the fight, but give Edgar his damn shot. Give Nate his LW shot or a bigger fight.
Is the ufc just gonna milk these fights for another huge year in revenue? Because last year saw them have their best year ever. 3 Rousey ppvs, 2 huge Conor cards, it was very good. So why not just ring it up until you get a buyer and get yours and get out?!?!
Reebok contract fucked everything up. Hindsight they would've never done deal, losing top stars and talent will just become normal. Theirs no more roids so the fights are less predictable and performances are gonna decline. Loans need to be paid, get out now while they can before a huge scandal sends them out. I'm just spitballing but you get my drift.

I don't know, maybe I'm just looking too deep, but I wouldn't be surprised if Zuffa was planning a different path after 200. Make no mistake,2016 should be another huge year and even 198 looks epic. Can't wait to watch unfold
3/19/16 7:34:40PM
Ever since 2010 when ufc boomed with lesnar.
The ppv numbers were very high

When lesnar left. Last couple years they were the worst in years

Fast forward to 2015.
Ufc nunbers are booming higher and higher with
Stars like rousey and connor. Now return of fighters like
Jones nick diaz. Anderson silva. Along with females like pvz

Ufc would be fucking stupid to sell right now. With
197 198 199 200. Those nunbers should be all over 500k buys with 200 reaching 2 million my prediction