“EliteXC: Renegade” Medical Suspensions: Nick Diaz Issued 60-Day Suspension

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11/12/07 4:59:42PM
The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, which oversees athletics in the Lonestar State, has issued a series of medical suspensions following Saturday’s Elite Xtreme Combat event.

MMAjunkie.com acquired the paperwork this afternoon.

“EliteXC: Renegade” took place the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. The main card aired on Showtime, and the preliminary fights should be available on ProElite.com later today.

11/12/07 7:04:44PM
Why did KJ Noons get a 30 days suspension? After the fight it didnt even look like he got hit.
11/12/07 7:30:04PM
i somehow think kimbo can still function for those seven days as well
11/12/07 7:34:23PM
i am confused on what these suspensions mean. I don't understand what restrictions they place you under. can anyone elaborate for me?
11/12/07 10:29:34PM
The sanctioning bodies are always giving these suspensions out, mostly to make sure that fighters don't go out and enter another bout the next day for safety reasons. In the case of Diaz its to make sure his cuts have time to heal before he gets in the ring again. If a fighter is knocked out its usually longer than a week too.
11/13/07 2:52:28AM
diaz really needs to work on doing KO shots rather than just picking at them. its getting to the point peopleare sittin there going. "ok well hes definately not gonna KO with one of these shots unless i get stupid so time to let the hands go. another thing is maybe he should go train with some really good wrestlers. this way he can get people to the ground and keep em there. hes already a pimp on the ground so why not beef up the rest of the arsenal because i havnt seen improvement in diaz in a long time. hes always doing the same things and he always uses the same strategy.
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