EliteXC exec confirms interest in Tito Ortiz

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6/9/08 9:52:21PM
EliteXC today confirmed its on the growing list of organizations that will compete for free agent Tito Ortiz's services.

EliteXC Head of Operations Jeremy Lappen confirmed the organization's interest today in a conference call for this Saturday's "EliteXC: Return of the King" event, which airs on Showtime and features a main event between lightweight champ KJ Noons and Yves Edwards.

"We're interested," Lapin said. "We'd love to have Tito as part of our organization."

EliteXC is the second organization publicly to announce its interest in the perhaps soon-to-be-ex UFC star. New Affliction partner Donald Trump, with whom Ortiz has developed a budding relationship after "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" appeared on Trump's reality show, "Celebrity Apprentice," announced last week that his organization would also like to sign Ortiz to a contract.

6/9/08 10:02:49PM
Like we all couldn't see that coming. The bigger news will be if they sign him. My $$$ is on Affliction since Tito and the Donald are so tight now (that's at least one thing in Tito's life that is "tight")
6/9/08 10:08:28PM
i'am hiv positive he will go to affliction.
6/9/08 11:31:19PM
yea i think hes going to affliction, but elitexc dosent have to confirm intrest everyone has intrest in signing tito he's a big name weather you love him or hate him.
6/9/08 11:50:30PM
They could sign him but who would they have him fight? Rafeal Feijao? Poai Sugunama? Good luck selling one of those fights. They would probaly put him up against Frank Shamrock but do we really need to see Shamrock get his head knocked in?
6/10/08 1:42:22AM
I think whoever get's him signed will do very well out of him. The man's a self-hype machine!

I think he'll fight cans for the rest of his career pretty much. He seems more bothered about being famous now than being the best fighter anymore.....
6/10/08 2:15:05AM
I would rather see him fight for Affliction, Elite XC is already a circus I cant imagine it with his antics.
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