Eleven UFC Fight Night 14 Fighters Drug Tested

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7/22/08 1:39:49PM
MMAFrenzy.com (www.mmafrenzy.com) has confirmed with the Nevada State Athletic Commission that eleven UFC Fight Night 14 fighters were tested for performance enhancing drugs and drugs of abuse.

The eleven-bout Spike TV event took place on Saturday, July 19th, at The Pearl at The Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The tested fighters were Anderson Silva, James Irvin, Tim Credeur, Cale Yarbrough, Hermes Franca, Frank Edgar, Cain Velasquez, Brandon Vera, CB Dollaway, Nate Loughran, and Shannon Gugerty.

7/22/08 1:54:07PM
hopefully Tim comes back clean, although he'd probably come forward with it if he wasn't.
7/22/08 2:02:25PM
what about Markham? That guys back was way to big, and guy looked like he had acne scars all over.

my friend was sayin "I will bet u he was or is on steroids." and I kinda see what hes saying, but w/e. He only knocked a guy unconscious right?
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