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2/26/08 1:56:22PM
I know its early but it'll give us time to think of a good avatar. Anyone wanna take me up on Rashad v Thiago? (I'm sure there are a ton of you). Lets talk...
2/26/08 2:19:01PM
Ill take Silva. Lets get it on
2/26/08 2:25:15PM

how long do we have to keep the avatar (I say until next event)

Rules or restrictions on avatar?

Anything else??
2/26/08 2:26:40PM
Next event sounds good to me sir. Feel free to pic ur worst for me. haha i have no shame...
2/26/08 2:30:52PM
K, its official. It'll be a while but I wont forget. Don't even know why I'm doing this. I've seen some pretty bad results from losses . Anywho, you're on.

Mods, feel free to delete this thread now.
2/26/08 2:33:09PM
In before deletion!
2/26/08 2:46:19PM
Three way avatar bet??? How can this be done?
2/26/08 3:30:51PM
Well since Kpro did it im going to do it before deletion too! but no avatar bet just rep'n the set as it were
2/28/08 8:31:04AM
Yeah Bullet no way are you allowed to risk your beautiful avatar i made you

Ive got Silva in this fight but im not that excited id wanna do an avatar bet on it
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