Early 2008 Return Possible for “Cro Cop”

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10/14/07 9:45:54AM
Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, a beleaguered UFC heavyweight coming off shocking back-to-back losses, is planning to return to the octagon in early 2008 — and he wants former PRIDE heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira as an opponent.

10/14/07 10:06:35AM
Good!! I like to see cro cop do better in the UFC Cro cop is the top of the food
chain even he lost to kongo, Kongo is a huge man and cro cop won the first round but got a broke rib you cant fight with a broke rib.
10/14/07 1:34:25PM
something that i was thinking is that maybe dana should've been putting pride fighters vs pride fighters for their first fights so there was an even disadvantage. Cause it seems like a lot of the fighters havent adjusted as well as you would hope they would.. crocop is a prime example of that. But i dont think he's getting this fight, especially not when he wants it. I predict a 1st round submission against kongo, and then a titleshot for nog.. and crocop is no where near that
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