Duffee/Gaston and Osawa/Fujiwara added to DREAM 17

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6/15/11 10:16:14AM
Two new fights are official for next month's DREAM.17 event: heavyweights Todd Duffee (6-2 MMA, 0-1 DREAM) vs. Nick Gaston (5-0 MMA, 0-0 DREAM) and a Japan bantamweight grand-prix third-place fight of Kenji Osawa (17-10-2 MMA, 2-1 DREAM) vs. Keisuke Fujiwara (11-3-4 MMA, 1-0 DREAM).

DREAM.17 is slated for July 16 at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo.

The Japan bantamweight tournament's finale also concludes at the show.

No North American broadcast plans have been announced for the show.

6/15/11 10:19:02AM

I can't wait to see this kid in the UFC.
6/15/11 10:26:03AM
Gotta love DREAM! I hope this isn't one of the last events I hope it DREAM stays alive for several hundred more years haha. So freakin exciting especially with match ups like this!

Let's see if Duffee's like Brett Rogers or not where he gets gun shy after 2 brutal KO's. Duffee's such a tank, total waste of physique ha. This afrozilla guy seems like a character I can't wait
6/15/11 9:41:50PM
at 1st i thought duffee was fighting gaston from the disney movie beauty and the beast
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