Drew Mcfedries Out Six to Eight Months

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8/14/07 12:29:10PM

Miletich Fighting Systems’ Drew McFedries will be out of action for six to eight months following a nasty staph infection that’s wreaked havoc on one of his legs.

MMA on Tap provided the update this morning.

Last week, McFedries — and other MFS fighters Spencer Fisher and Tim Sylvia — were all hit with the infections while at their training center in Bettendorf, Iowa.
8/14/07 1:04:09PM
Wow. First Fisher and now McFedries. I hope they lock it down and prevent any more infections. There's a ton of UFC and IFL guys in that gym.
8/14/07 1:40:39PM
8/14/07 1:43:50PM
Gosh... That makes you think about the hygiene in ur camp...
How often if ever do they actually clean the mats with antibacterial and antimycotic stuff...
8/14/07 2:09:02PM
I am more upset about spencer fisher not fighting din thomas... i was really looking forward to seeing spencer's stand up game again (it looked great and so fast against stout- standup fight of the year without a doubt)

But for sure we are missing out not seeing drew fight eastman. His ko power is incredible.

Sylvia i am not going to miss too much, not a big fan of his (although i heard rumors of him wanting to fight Werdum which would of been cool to see).

*I dont know anything about staph infections. Why do they grow on unclean mats? How are they so life threatning and contagious? Just some questions to learn more about staph...
8/14/07 4:14:33PM
I love McFedries... that sucks!
But his match with Eastman was going to be a blow out anyway.... Eastman could get KOed in a pillow fight
8/14/07 4:33:13PM
i like watchin drew fight, that sucks that he got that,matt better work out at home
8/14/07 10:30:38PM
booooooooooo! staph sucks!!! i agree that mcfedries would match up well against anderson silva. i'd like to see that fight.
8/15/07 12:09:11PM
I'm sorry but Mcfedries would get picked apart by Silva.