DREAM.5 Update: New Fight Added

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7/15/08 2:22:01AM

A new fight has been added to the DREAM.5 card line-up. TOKORO HIDEO vs YAMAZAKI TAKESHI are set to battle it out at DREAM.5 as Hideo is comming off a very impressive win at DREAM.4.
7/15/08 3:15:23AM
Nice ! Hideo's one of the Best Grappler's at 155 and his Strikes are Good, he cracked Oyenoyama with that Big Knee and Dropped him, I'd like to see him do that to Yamazaki but he's tough. The Brawler in Maryuma couldn't phase him so it'll be Nice to see how they both do. I'm leaning towards Tokoro via Unanimous Decision
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