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5/10/08 3:34:46AM
most people thought that when the ufc bought out pride it would mean a talent monopoly for mma
in the end all they got was a few choice contracts for several million dollars
now dream has arisen with the same production team as pride and featuring many of the fighters fans were hoping to see in the octagon
in addition to this the emergence of other purported top tier organizations has become an almost daily news bite
i believe this could splinter the mma world to the point of illegitamency

i personally want to see the best fight the best which seems like it will forever remain a fantasy
5/10/08 3:38:45AM
gomi v. huerta would kick ass yet it is one of many matchups we will never see
5/10/08 4:03:43AM
Never say never. Fighting is a business and everybody has a price. Not to say Gomi will come stateside but Huerta might not be in the UFC forever.
5/10/08 4:48:20AM
the fight I would pay to see is BJ vs Aoki......heck if they fight in japan, I would try to find a way to go there just to see that fight.
5/10/08 6:49:27AM
Gomi vs Davis ... Awesome fight !!!
5/10/08 5:00:39PM
anyone can be bought, the ufc just needs to shell out the money, and where do they get that money?? most from us the fans for buying pay per views, seats, dvd's clothing,

they should give us the fighters we want to see fight
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