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7/19/07 8:18:58PM
pick these fights

Anderson Silva vs Chuck Liddell

BJ Penn vs Karo

Rich Franklin vs. Hendo

Couture vs. Fedor

I think silva by ko in the 2nd...........bj by decision............hendo by decision..........couture by decision or fedor by submision

7/19/07 8:24:47PM
Anderson Silva vs Chuck Liddell
-This would be a great one, but I have to go with Liddell because of the weight advantage. All weights the same I say Silva. Too patient for Liddell

BJ Penn vs Karo
-BJ, strong everywhere. Submit in 3rd

Rich Franklin vs. Hendo
-Hendo- Too well rounded for Franklin. KO in 2

Couture vs. Fedor
- Couture if both in their prime. So explosive and smart. KO in 3
7/19/07 8:49:50PM
we could actually see bj vs karo. pending bj doesnt win the LW title. I just want to see BJ vs Hughes 3
7/19/07 9:56:28PM
Silva vs. Liddell isn't a very compettive fight IMO. It's a classic case of two fighters of similar skill who are 20 pounds apart in weight. Chuck hits too hard and Silva isn't strong enough to control the clinch. Chuck by KO, rd 1.

Penn vs. Parisyian is definitely a match I'd like to see. Pretty even on the feet, advantage to Karo in the takedown, advantage to Penn in working subs, probably even in scrambling for position on the ground. I'm not sure either guy could pull off the KO or the sub so it's probably going to decision. I see Penn starting well and finishing poorly (as usual) and Karo taking a close decison.

Hendo vs. Franklin is another close matchup I'd like to see. Hendo hits as hard even if he's not as accurate as Franklin so he can at least keep him honest on his feet. Look for Franklin to win part of the round standing but Henderson to tie up and get 1-2 takedowns with a little GnP per round to impress the judges and get the decison.

Fedor vs Couture? Well, it's never fun to do these what-ifs with Fedor involved because he's always favored. I would expect this fight to be mostly on the feet with Fedor starting to take over after a few minutes. After than Randy can clinch and maybe get the takedown, but not the control. Randy hasn't been subbed for a while, but after getting beat up for a couple of rounds I see Fedor being the man to do it. Some of Fedor's best wins have come against top wrestlers, although Randy is the most strategic fighter he would have ever faced.
7/19/07 10:16:43PM
Fedor (I don't know why anyone gives Randy the win in this match. IMO where ever the fight goes Randy would get killed. I've heard some people say Randy via GnP?!? Fedor would throw Randy off of him if Randy even got mount.)
7/19/07 10:32:45PM
Chuck hits to hard? Wandy has fought Mirko, Hunt, Rampage, Hendo, the who's who of strikers really. He always puts up a good fight, took rampage's shots(more then I can say for chuck) and ended up winning. Wandy by round 2 KO.
7/19/07 11:15:44PM
I think they're all talking about Anderson Silva, who does indeed weight MUCH less then Chuck. I'd still pick Anderson, he's a technical striker who would run circles around Liddell and pick his shots. TKO is likely, but if Chuck can withstand the blows, Anderson takes the decision. All of you forget size isn't everything. A. Silva is so much faster then Chuck (not just for striking, but he can easily avoid the blatantly telegraphed looping hooks and stay out of range).

Penn and Hendo should be able to finish. I don't think Ace will have anything for Hendo either.

Fedor has Couture beat in every area, I don't see Couture grinding out Fedor to a decision in his prime or anytime (how do you measure his prime!? He defies all normal aging logic). Fedor in the 2nd or 3rd by TKO or sub. It would be interesting to see what kind of gameplan Randy would come up with though...he's not dumb, and he wouldn't come to face Fedor unprepared.

My dream match - Crocop Fedor 2. Crocop takes it by KO, any round.

7/19/07 11:41:24PM
wow I would want to see Corture Fedor over the others
I seeCourture taking Fedor down a la Colman but Fedor ending up on top Finishing the fight with some GnP(amazing GnP)
although I would like to see if Karo could throw BJ
7/20/07 3:19:05AM
All fights are tough to call, but I'll go with...

Liddell over Silva
Penn over Karo
Hendo over Franklin
Fedor Over Couture
7/20/07 5:14:33AM
i really dont think Anderson would beat Chuck, he is a better technical striker, but the power of Liddel is prob something Silva hasnt faced before, few guys hit like chuck, plus i dont think Silva would hit hard enough to stop chuck in the 1st so he would get tested.
fights id like to see are:
Hughes vs Kang
Franklin vs Filho
as i beleive both Kang and Filho are over rated.
Also Fedor vs Cotoure, id fear for Randy but it be a great way to showcase these two great fightes, its a win win for both.
Chuck vs Wanderlei would be a dream.
Henderson vs Franklin is another for me
7/20/07 3:25:44PM
Sure Chuck's power is enough to knock anyone out, but we're talking about an intelligent, technical striker in A. Silva, why do you think Chuck is anywhere near fast enough to catch him? Watch Bob Sapp vs. CC. CC basically runs away the whole time and picks a few accurate shots, destroying Sapp. I see this going similar to Liddell vs A. Silva. And you're right, Silva "might" not be able to stop Chuck in the first...or second...or third...but he will win on points if he doesn't.
7/20/07 5:17:32PM
Silva by TKO round 1
BJ by unanimous
Henderson by KO round 2
Fedor by decision
7/20/07 5:36:10PM
Chuck... weight does matter.
BJ in a great fight
Hendo would be a nightmare for Ace.
Ivan Drago.... I mean Fedor
7/20/07 7:25:09PM
Anderson Silva vs Chuck Liddell-Anderson Silva by UD or TKO (late)

BJ Penn vs Karo-BJ by whatever he wants

Rich Franklin vs. Hendo-Hendo by KO

Couture vs. Fedor-Fedor by submission or TKO
7/20/07 11:50:19PM
I wanna see Hughes vs. Sylvia
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