DREAM FW Champion Bibiano Fernandes Still Hasn't Been Paid For DREAM 13, Turns Down September Title Defense

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8/17/10 11:38:41AM
Apparently DREAM has become the Michael Lohan of the MMA world. According to TATAME, five months after he won the DREAM featherweight tournament, Bibiano Fernandes hasn't been paid his contracted fight purse. Unlike the Impact FC fighters who haven't been paid for their July fights by the Australian promotion, Fernandes has something over the Japanese promotion he is contracted to for one more bout: his belt. The report says that Fernandes has turned down a title defense on the September 25 DREAM 16 card and maintains that he won't fight for the organization until he receives his check for his win over Joachim Hansen at DREAM 13 back in March.

8/17/10 12:12:10PM
you could almost see it coming with the impact show in australia, but dream not paying its fighters is bad news for mma in japan. if the biggest dog on the block isnt ponying up what they owe fighters its just another in a long line of things that are starting to look like the downfall of major league mma in japan. there will always be room for mma in japan, but im not sure that "big" organizations are going to be able to make it over there unless another superstar, a la sakuraba, comes out and captures the hearts of the fans on a big scale. just like short circuit 2, they need a hero! (prepares flame retardant suit for bonnie tyler reference)
8/17/10 12:38:34PM
The Japanese MMA Boom has subdued.

I listened to the Jordan Breen show a while a back and he was talking about a conversation about Tony Loiseleur (MMA Writer that lives in Japan) and if I remembered correctly he basically talks about how it is customary to not pay fighters until about a month or two after the event (same with production costs/etc..).

Too bad that Fernandes still hasnt been paid, I know a couple of people have complained about not getting paid as well in the past about DREAM - so I wouldnt be surprised if fighters start getting reluctant to join DREAM.

Here is a quip about the matter dated almost TWO years ago.. September 12, 2008 on Bloody Elbow (

Here is the quote:
"According to a report at Sports Seoul, there is growing criticism about FEG delaying or not giving fighters money that they owed. "Fighter A" claimed in the article that he didn’t receive money for his last two fights, and "Fighter B" who is preparing for an upcoming fight also is claiming they didn’t get some fight money. "Fighter C" claims that he had to wait three months to get his fight salary".

Its just sort of how it is operated, its been a problem for the last few years.

Could we now stop talking about how fighter X should sign with Dream/Strikeforce? Strikeforce cant give people fights.. and apparently neither can DREAM. I dont know, I think its becomming a huge pet peeve of mine for some reason... if they dont have cardspace (and to an extent budget) to give fighters fights, then they shouldnt sign more people.

Unfortunately "If it sounds too good to be true in NON-UFC related MMA, it probably is".
8/17/10 3:07:05PM
so much for DREAM declaring war on the UFC
8/17/10 9:16:12PM
watch out UFC!
8/17/10 10:34:34PM
this really sucks.... i was hoping to see Bibiano vs Omigawa on the SRC vs Dream card they were doing... Maybe now a rematch with Sandro vs Omigawa.
8/19/10 12:18:45AM
I dont blame the guy.I know I wouldnt want to work for a company that wont pay me.
8/19/10 9:25:10PM
Anyone not paying me for work I am coming after them with a shovel and a bag of limesalt!!!

I don't blame bibiano for turning down sept bout

Wish he could leave dream and come to wec
8/20/10 5:15:13PM
The outlook for MMA in japan looks bleak. Bum deal for the fighters over there.
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