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7/25/10 9:31:53AM
When will this event be up for picks in the secondary league?
7/25/10 9:56:14AM
are any fights announced?
7/25/10 10:15:43AM

Posted by Shawn91111

are any fights announced?

Maybe Mizuno vs. Mousasi?

FEG rarely announces more than just the showcase fight this far in advance anyway.
7/25/10 2:36:10PM
Nothing's official yet. Only fights RUMORED so far are Mizuno-Mousasi and Aoki-Kawajiri. Just relax, event's still 2 months away.
7/25/10 11:18:12PM
Aoki vs Kawajiri again....that fight was not even close!
7/26/10 1:24:17PM

Posted by jae_1833

Aoki vs Kawajiri again....that fight was not even close!

He got Kawajiri early, that's all. A rematch probably would be more competitive.

Fedor got caught pretty early, guess that means he was dominated.
7/26/10 11:35:32PM
Definately....they were both dominated on the ground early in the fight. The proof is in the pudding. Now if these turn into rematches could they turn out differently or be more competitive, of course. However, Kawajiri doesn't have the record nor the prestige that Fedor has.
I think this just points out how shallow the top of the LW div is in Dream.
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