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5/24/10 10:43:18AM
A top contender match up in the form of Junior dos Santos vs. Roy Nelson is official for UFC 117, which is set to go down on August 7 from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The fight has been rumored for a bit, with "Big Country" even joining in the gossip recently, and has now been confirmed by JDS via Twitter.

5/24/10 12:07:43PM
Poor Roy
5/24/10 12:43:26PM
More like poor JDS.

Roy is going to eat JDS..."get in my belly"
5/24/10 12:57:10PM
Agreed! JDS is good but his takedown defense is lacking. Nelson by tko in the 2nd!
5/24/10 1:01:38PM
Roy Nelson ftw! I'm pretty sure he'll be able to get Dos Santos down, and unless there's an unwarranted stand-up, he could easily pound out Junior.
5/24/10 1:27:19PM
I hear they're making a jackass 3. Sounds like a good idea for Knoxville or Steve- 0
to be inside Roys stomach that night.
5/24/10 5:35:18PM
junior is gonna drop roy in the first
5/24/10 6:29:53PM
WOW, I guess Big Country pissed off somebody high up in the ranks because they are feeding him to the wolves, lol. I would of guess Valaqyez vs. Dos Santos was in the making but WOW.
5/24/10 6:30:01PM
I didn't expect for anyone to be backing Roy. I like the guy but seriously I don't think he has much of a chance against JDS. No-one's head is that immune to a KO. Still this is MMA and anything can happen.
5/25/10 4:24:01AM
One of two ways....
Roy Nelson using the BELLY to pin down JDS, kimbo slice style, and GnP a stoppage.
JDS connects with 1 punch and TKO's Nelson in the first.
Gonna be a fun fight to watch, as much as i despise Nelson, he got skills.
Im hoping JDS makes him eat leather.
IMHO Dana White hooked this up in order to get Nelson smacked around a bit.
5/25/10 8:33:43PM
As long as JDS doesn't let big Roy on top of him....he should be alright
5/26/10 3:23:08AM
Nelson takes this one.
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