CB Dollaway vs. Joe Doerksen Targeted For September

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7/2/10 2:07:47PM
C.B. Dollaway and Joe Doerkson are on tap for the UFC's first trip to Indiana. The middleweights appear set to face off at UFC 119 in Indiana. Verbal agreements are in place, paperwork pending.

7/2/10 2:19:15PM
i just saw this right now, interesting match up since dollaway achilli's heel is subs

I think of el dirte was to win two in a row in the ufc the seas might just part, some astrological event may occur
7/2/10 3:56:24PM
I was at Joe's fight after his UFC 113 win in Winnipeg. His hands are looking much improved these days. Definitely a much more complete fighter then his 2-5 UFC record says.
7/2/10 8:26:58PM
Good match up....I expect Dollaway to tap for sure, Doerksen's sub attempts aren't going to stop coming from the top or the bottom...he's going to catch one eventually.
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