difference between greco romen wresling and freestyle wresling?

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7/29/07 2:12:01PM
can anyone tell me the difference between greco romen wresling and freestyle wresling? and any other kinds of wresling. me and my budy were talking last night and he thinks there is only one kind of wresling. and i know judo and sumbo are wresling so any other syles besides those. thanks.
7/29/07 2:37:25PM
Here's a few explanations. They explain it better then I can. I hope this helps

Catch Wrestling

Greco Roman Wrestling

Freestyle Wrestling


Shoot Wrestling
7/29/07 2:45:57PM
yeah i was looking on there but i jsut wanted to know the main difference form one to the other. maybe someone on here can tell me in there ow words.
7/29/07 3:55:03PM
In Greco-Roman wrestling the legs may not be used in any way to obtain a fall, and no holds may be taken below the waist.

Under international freestyle rules any fair hold, trip, or throw is permitted.

Both of those are in singlets. Sambists compete in heavy duty Kurtkas(like a gi). A match is over when one competitor has thrown the other to his back and remained standing, or has applied a sub.

In Judo the objective is to throw the opponent cleanly, pin him, or sub him. Done in gi.

There are like 20 other folk styles of wrestling as well.
7/29/07 5:09:48PM
The main difference that you'll see in MMA is freestyle wrestlers shoot double-legs, while Greco-Roman wrestlers usually get takedowns from the clinch.
7/29/07 9:49:12PM

Perfect way to put it. Greco guys pic up then throw. Freestylers shoot and do second grade sweeps.
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