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POLL: Is the neck size that much different?
Yes 22% (5)
No 78% (18)
5/8/08 10:54:02PM

I've seen alot of posts saying Sean Sherk will NOT lose do to a choke in his fight with BJ Penn as its been said he can not be choked. I understand where those people are coming from and as I do think it unlikely I do think its very possible. The way I reason this is just look at BJ's fight with Hughes he wasn't choked out with a rear naked choke (except from Hallman when he was very inexperienced but that was a guillotine) in a fight until he fought.....BJ. So I was just wondering what you guys thought about the difference in neck sizes between the two.

I personally think there is a difference but not such a big one that it would matter if BJ took Sherk's back.
5/8/08 11:11:32PM
Matt Hughes has an outie.
5/8/08 11:21:08PM
hughes' neck is wider
5/9/08 4:06:34AM
my neck is the widest...
5/9/08 4:14:29AM
I think Mark Coleman also said at one point that he couldn't be choked, but I'm not so sure. I have trained with a guy who couldn't be RNC'd, but he was 500lbs and his shoulders were so large that there was no way to access the neck if he shrugged his shoulders. Obviously Hughes was tapped by BJ and nearly stopped by Trigg with a choke, so it has to be possible, although difficult.
5/9/08 7:37:34AM
If he can get under the chin then he can do it, if Sherk sucks his stumpy little neck in then BJ might have a problem locking it in. I don't see it as impossible though, Sherk certainly doesn't look physically unchokeable.
5/9/08 9:39:55AM
Yeah, there's not much of a difference. No one is immune to a choke. Penn's forte is his RNC, so it is a possibility. I see Penn winning by TKO though.
5/9/08 10:34:44AM
Doesn't ii have more to do with where your main arteries/veins and windpipe are... Something like deeper in the neck muscles or something... I remember some people talking about it after Fitch fought Diego... Fitch it seems is one of those guys that can't be choked out...
5/12/08 5:35:53PM

Posted by Mastodon2

...if Sherk sucks his stumpy little neck in...

that's funny i dont care who you are
5/12/08 6:09:40PM
Not only can he be choked out, that is the most likely outcome of the fight. I can't wait.
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