He Didn't do it!!!!

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2/4/15 9:21:18PM
He got caught so yeah he did. I don't care though he's still the GOAT* of the ufc.

2/4/15 10:06:48PM
He's the goat same way as the cheating ass patriots are the goat

The white people method.
2/5/15 12:41:43AM
Pats won the last super bowl based on bad coaching...the pass that will live in infancy, the 1 yard pass! Race has no place...Anderson is Black Brazilian.
2/5/15 10:44:38AM
As long as a main event doesn't get cancelled
I don't give a shit what they put in their body
Their grown ass men. It's their decisions to do that
I wouldn't
2/7/15 2:50:24PM
I'm gonna stick with he hasn't been on it his whole career and it's something to with his leg. But then again maybe I'm blinded by fandom