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2/4/08 2:37:45PM
I was bored at work today thinking about how different the landscape of the UFC would be if they did sign Fedor and the matches that would have gone down. Then I started thinking that Dana figured, well I missed out on Fedor, lets try to get a guy who is marketable on that same level, Brock Lesnar.

After watching Lesnar fight, he obviously brings what the fans like to see, especially to the heavyweight division. Speed, wild punches, and go-for-broke mentality.

So now I think if Dana had to chose to either keep Brock Lesnar or acquire Fedor, I think he would decide to keep Brock. I don't agree with that all, but I think that is what Dana would do. He would let the best Heavyweight in the world walk to keep a guy who has a lot of upside and marketability.

What would you guys do in that situation?
2/4/08 2:40:40PM
Considering that i would have to pay Fedor more than Lesnar and with Lesnar we have a potential star in the making, not a guy who is already a star. I think they have comparable marketablility and Dana will make pretty much as much if not more on merch and PPVs and Ticket sales with Lesnar in there as he would with Fedor. I love Fedor and theres nothing more i would love than to see him in the UFC but since there are contract problems, ect ect, i just don't see it making sense from a business perspective :(
2/4/08 2:41:09PM
Obviously I'd go with Fedor. This is a good thought, though. Of course Dana wants to make money and signing Lesnar is a good way to do that.

I think of how much different the HW picture would be right now with Couture and Fedor in the UFC and it makes me want to puke.

2/4/08 2:55:10PM
dana also is a fan of the sport and he know's fedor is one of, if not the best ever.
so that being said i think it would be an easy decision for ufc and dana. fedor emelianenko.
2/4/08 3:03:19PM
fedor would also be easy to market, Marketing him as the greatest fighter to ever engrace the sport, and having a match up that has been talked for years and years,especially since it would bring couture back into the UFC, which would make them huge amounts of money.....i dont think dana would let a chance like that pass him by, i think he would take fedor
2/9/08 12:52:12PM
would be a fun fight to watch....
2/9/08 9:56:35PM
Brock will sell more tickets, so that makes sense. A lot of casual fans still don't know Fedor and it would take a while for him to be the draw that Brock currently is. Especially with the language barrier
2/10/08 8:20:42AM
Lesnar will definitely bring in new faces and fans from the Pro wrestling crowd. And he's definitely more popular than Fedor because of WWE.

In a business perspective, Brock would be a better investment.
3/18/08 10:43:29AM
I think Fedor is the clear decision here....

Lesnar brings with him wrestling fans yes, I have a feeling that fans that enjoy WWE wrestling have already found the UFC.

Fedor brings a mass of old Pride, M-1, Japanese promotion MMA fans and He has a LOT of fans in Japan, which could be the UFC's window into a HUGE market... Obviously Japan is something that the UFC is interested in tapping into , they did buy out Pride....

Also Fedor brings with him Randy Couture... and that is probably the most marketable fight of all time.... (and is Fedor wins, Cro Cop vs. Fedor 2) another incredibly marketable fight....

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