Dana White: “Not Surprised” by Randy Couture’s “Retirement”

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10/11/07 6:45:07PM
UFC President Dana White says he’s “not surprised” by Randy Couture’s decision to quit the UFC despite the 44-year-old champion having two fights remaining on his contract.

10/11/07 6:48:58PM
thats about as official as it gets.

its really too bad
10/11/07 6:56:28PM
i will be happy to see randy fight in M-1 in 9 months
10/11/07 6:56:43PM
shitty i wanted a randy cro cop fight at some point
10/11/07 7:18:33PM
He's the only one then. If it didn't cause you to puke your guts out, then your not commited enough to the MMA sport. I saw it and then ran to the bathroom and was like, "NO! *Puke* NO!"
10/11/07 9:25:10PM
Well we know what Mike Goldberg said when he heard the news:

"It is allll Over!!!"
10/11/07 11:44:56PM
Man this is total BS!!!!!
10/12/07 12:24:45AM
I didn't want to believe it, But the UFC has got greedy. If they let Fedor do his sambo this wouldnt of happened. This is a huge waste of a fight, This was bigger than Liddell V Silva. Oh well Dana, What's your plan now? You went from having one of the best HW division's to have shit! Nog only just one his last fight so he ain't champion material, Dont think too many people care about Kongo either. I say make Sylia V Vera for the title, It was ment to be.
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10/12/07 1:30:43AM
**** dana white he could sign fador thats all randy want
10/12/07 1:58:26AM
way to go Dana!!!!!!!!!!!!!........
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