Dana White: New York City or Boston Will Host a UFC Event in 2008

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2/7/08 7:44:03PM
Although neither state currently sanctions mixed-martial arts, New York or Massachusetts — or more specifically, New York City or Boston — will host a UFC event in 2008, UFC President Dana White guarantees.

The UFC’s head honcho made the promise in today’s edition of The Patriot Ledger.

“I’m going to be as bold as to say I guarantee you either we’ll be in the Boston Garden or Madison Square Garden (by the end of the year),” White told the newspaper.

New York City’s Madison Square Garden is one of the sporting world’s most legendary venues. The 20,000-capacity arena initially rose to fame by hosting classic boxing events. The Boston Garden (officially named the TD Banknorth Garden) is a 19,600-capacity venue that opened in 1995.

2/7/08 8:00:53PM
i really want to see the UFC in new york, that would be great, and when it happens im palnning on going.
2/7/08 9:30:09PM
If Boston says they'll allow it, New york will follow very quickly and vice versa...those cities are like Edmonton and Calgary x10 lol.
2/7/08 9:44:42PM
Bring the UFC to Beantown!!!!!!
2/8/08 2:33:38AM
Mayor Menino put a ban on MMA in Boston, so I'm not sure he'd be ok with that, although there have been events in other areas of Mass.
2/8/08 9:03:14AM
NYC please! :)
2/8/08 9:09:28AM
NYC has better chances to get it. (Serra - Hughes around October, title or not)

bring one to Atlanta plz
2/8/08 10:09:00AM
The day either is scheduled ill buy tickets immediately i live pretty close to both citties and ive been waiting for this to happen forever.
2/8/08 11:28:00AM
I would REALLY like one in Florida. Flying to an event sucks
2/8/08 11:30:26AM
NYC would be sick.

but how about a UFC event in Brazil. have like a USA vs Brazil like they did with USA vs Canada back in UFC 58
2/8/08 11:31:50AM

Posted by Leland

I would REALLY like one in Florida. Flying to an event sucks

didnt they have a fight night there about a year or so ago?
2/8/08 1:00:16PM
I recall him guaranteeing a Fedor signing, Karo Parisyan/Matt Lindland title shot and an HBO deal as well. Dana White's guarantees are worth about as much as a bucket of warm piss.
3/12/08 4:33:40PM
I think Boston is a large possibility since we already have MMA in Mass. Menino sux but he'll see the $
3/12/08 4:37:12PM
I would honestly kill someone for a ticket to a UFC in NYC. i really hope this happens. i missed the one in NJ and it has always been my dream to go to one. i can just imagine UFC in the Garden...this is the best news i heard in a while as i would go to a Boston one as well.
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