Dana White Makes The Case For Jesse Taylor

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7/2/08 1:41:57PM
The UFC’s decision to include the newly-mature Jesse Taylor on their July 19 Fight Night has taken some heat lately. That’s because taking the moral high ground only works if you stick to it even when you desperately need to throw together a show designed to screw with your competitors. But Dana White is doing his best to make the decision to bring Taylor back into the UFC sound like a reasonable one. He’s also trying to battle the perception that the UFC encouraged the fighters to destroy the house and generally act the fool for the cameras.

7/2/08 1:52:32PM
it is hard to convince people they dont approve of the bs these guys do in & out fo the house when he brings them back 2 months later

but dana was in need of some good matchups & a few "names" if i say so myself

shoudl be a good fight...

hope CB wins
7/2/08 1:58:11PM
CB will tap then un-tap then complain. the end
7/2/08 3:56:16PM
I knew that he be back because Dana implied that he wasn't ready but never said that it's over for good. I just hope he learned his lesson. And Dana has every right to inforce the rules he's President. Props to Dana for giving the 2nd chance
7/2/08 4:22:55PM
uuggghhh this is starting to sound like Monday Night Raw, He's fired then he does the heroic comeback. This is becoming a story line. Can't people just fight for honor and not be all of this television drama? We all know the best part is the 15 minutes in the ring, why taint it with press talk and drama hype? Its not like Jesse Taylor couldn't just go to Elite XC or Affliction and get just as much publicity, and Dana knew that so he jumped at the chance to do it first, just like Vince McMahon would do.
7/2/08 4:33:35PM
i'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but i think that if jesse weren't so boring he might not have gotten kicked off.
7/2/08 4:51:04PM

Posted by goatse

that was bullshit he ever kicked jesse off in the first place. Dana is not the moral police, none of us are. cough*mods included* cough

Dana and the mods can do what they like. If you or the fighter don't like it then go to Elite or shertard.
7/2/08 5:00:59PM
so let me get this straight.

Marlon sims defends himself against noah thomas while pleading for the other house mates to help stop the fight so he doesnt get kicked off the show.....his fight at the finale gets cut and he is no longer welcomed back in the ufc

Jesse Taylor kicks out the window of a limo, threatens bouncers, harrasses women.....he gets kicked off the finale but is allowed to come back almost immediately after the finale airs

To me it just seems JT Money gets a pass because he was actually good on the show, and Marlon doesnt because well he wasnt that good
7/2/08 6:09:51PM
I think the article writer should stick to reporting on "Americas Next Top Model". At least he seems to know what he is talking about on that show.
7/2/08 6:24:56PM
(Handing Dana The Book Of Hypocrites For Dummies)
7/2/08 7:58:20PM
The guy made it that far on the show and got all that exposure.Does anyone think Dana was really going to let him go like that?
7/2/08 8:46:53PM
seriously does any one really care if he's mature or not just let the guy fight if hes good if he comes out and performs isnt that all that matters. i think everyone should just let him do his stuff...he might get slaughtered or he might shock us all we'll have to wait and see
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