Dana White Issues Warning To Wanderlei Silva

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5/22/08 4:37:32PM
Dana warns Wandy that he better win or he might be cut. In related news, Gary Shaw seen drooling all over himself while tieing Wandy's shoelaces together before the fight.

Was really pulling for Jardine in this one, but this puts a new spin on things...I'd hate to see Wandy get the ax (pardon the pun). Not that he'd be looking for work very long, but he's always been one of my favorites to watch.

Anyways; da link

5/22/08 4:42:23PM
lol...see thats funny.

didn't dana just say he'd like 250 Silva's and he'd keep him no matter how many matches he gives up cuz he always leaves it all out in the cage.

gotta love pre-fight hype.
5/22/08 4:47:57PM
it would not be good for the ufc to cut another great fighterm,cough like (AA)
5/22/08 5:01:41PM
This is not true at all. There was another article that came out and stated that Dana White's comments were taken out of context. He said that guys who lose a couple times in a row don't have a place in the UFC. He also stated that rule goes for fighters who weren't exciting. Wandy has no chance of being cut if he does lose. Wandy could try the cut to 185lbs also, so way too many options for him.
5/22/08 5:11:07PM
I'm skeptical that Wandy is really on the chopping block with this fight. My guess is its just a little last minute hype to entice a few more PPV buys.

Silva may have 3 losses in a row but only one was in the UFC, meaning most of the casual fans would not be aware of them if not for the UFC brining it up in the pre-fight hype. Plus, his loss was to Liddell, who most fighters can be forgiven for loosing to.

As others have pointed out Dana was recently quoted as saying he would love to have 250 fighters like Silva who leave it all in the ring to entertain the fans. Reading between the lines, this is Dana's way of saying win or loose this guy can put butts in seats. So I don't see the UFC letting him go just yet no matter what the outcome of this fight is (A strong suggestion to move down to MW is a more likely UFC responce should he loose)
5/22/08 5:13:21PM

Posted by DustinT

lol...see thats funny.

didn't dana just say he'd like 250 Silva's and he'd keep him no matter how many matches he gives up cuz he always leaves it all out in the cage.

gotta love pre-fight hype.

yeah i love how dana said that about wandy and then goes and says this. well i'll tell you dana is one stupid f*ck if he lets him go. or maybe wandy just cant get in done in UFC and does better in other orgs.
5/22/08 5:34:47PM
Losing Silva would NOT be good for the UFC.
5/22/08 5:44:21PM
This is total BS Dana would never cut Wandy....If anything he would be moving to MW......
5/22/08 6:03:01PM
I don't think that Dana will cut Wand. If Wand loses a drop to 185 is very possible. Wouldn't it be sweet to see him drop to 185, fight someone like Bisping, then fight A. Silva for the belt.
5/22/08 6:07:24PM
so does this mean dan henderson should watch out too?
5/22/08 6:34:05PM

Posted by bigbubbano23

it would not be good for the ufc to cut another great fighterm,cough like (AA)

AA wasn't cut...his contract was up.

Anyway, I wouldn't make too bid of a deal out of this. These are the sort of things you say to hype up a fight. It's nothing new.
5/22/08 6:39:24PM
If Dana cuts Wandy Im gonna stop watching UFC. Chuck lost two straight was Dana giving him ultimatims. Screw dana
5/22/08 6:41:25PM
if this is true, this will make Dana look like a 2 face. I truly hope Wandy wins, he deserves it
5/22/08 7:01:02PM
I really question the reliabilty of the website it comes from.I think this mmafightline.com has had some bogus shit before,So i dont believe it.Although losing 4 fights in a row is pretty rough for anyone.I mean Wandy may want to retire..Not saying that he should or is but its another option im sure he has thought about.And as far as saying Dana didnt threaten Chuck after losing two in a row...Get real man...2 is alot different than 4 and Chuck is pretty much the face of the UFC and is popular amongst american fans.For dana to cut or threatan chuck would be stupid.To the causual or non hardcore fans who dont follow all of the sport Chuck Liddell sells and Wandy doesnt in America.So yes it is all about money and sells...Is it greedy maybe.....but what company isnt in it for the money in any aspect of work.So if it means cutting a legend in the MMA sport to free up cash for some up and comers so be it.
5/22/08 7:06:47PM
Oh well this just further prooves Danas a nob
5/22/08 7:22:59PM
I beleive this isbull look at Guida dude loses all the time but people love to watch him fight Silva could be the 205 version of Guida

Sylvia also went with his manager so dont forget that
5/22/08 7:24:49PM
Guys...anyone who believes Dana is telling the truth is very wrong.

Dana is just hyping the fight, it's pretty obvious. He would never cut Wandy
5/22/08 7:35:21PM

I remember when Dana used to say that so long as you were exciting to watch and you actually faught that you would stay...now I guess he's just all about the W....who would imagine that Dana would lower his standards to LNP tactics.
5/22/08 7:46:17PM
NO WAY Dana would cut the Axe
5/22/08 10:30:00PM
I don't believe this BS article one bit. Dana White is not a stupid man. Cutting Wandy would be one of the stupidest things ever. He brings in fans and he's one of the most exciting fighters out there. I don't believe it one bit.
5/22/08 10:42:21PM
STFU Dana White. You talk absolute CRAP 24/7 and I am sick of seeing your ugly bald head and hearing the dribbling drivel that spews forth from your lips! I take N OT H I N G you ever say seriously...Nothing. you are an embarrasment to this sport.

Wanderlei Silva has done 100 times more positive things for this sport than you have...no matter what you might think that you inventeed MMA and UFC and - bullcrap!!! Your ego is out of control!

Go away....Go away, OR - do what a good CEO should do: Work behind the scenes and stop worrying about getting your face on TV. Only talk when someone asks you something...Seen and not heard please!
5/22/08 11:06:25PM
if he loses he will drop down to 185 and hopefully fight henderson before he fights silva for the title, wandy is a name
5/23/08 12:26:25AM
that would be stupid, Dana needs to hold on to some big name guys cuz he just lost some
5/23/08 1:47:55PM
Yeah and Fedor isn't top 5. I will never believe anything Dana ever says.

Can't wait till UFC gets all the best fighters in the world and has a Superbowl of MMA. Oh wait Dana said that, don't hold your breath.
5/23/08 2:17:58PM
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5/24/08 2:01:29AM
can we say Buuuuullshit !
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