Dana White: UFC On Fox Events Simulcast On Radio, Issue With ESPN 'Resolved'

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8/24/11 6:16:01PM
"We're going to put these fights live on the radio, which really hasn't been done since the old days before television when everyone would sit around and listen to the big fights from MSG. We're going to bring that back."

and related to the ESPN problems....

"I was supposed to do the "car wash" at ESPN…It's been resolved…someone was a bit reactionary and it got resolved."

Bloody Elbow
8/24/11 6:22:07PM
Just was about to post this. I think it's a great idea. I wanted this to happen earlier, but the UFC just needed a bigger outlet. Hopefully the lag isn't to bad from live tv to radio. I would love to turn the tv volume down and listen to some decent play by play from the radio guys if they are half decent.
8/24/11 6:42:26PM
I love this idea with the only stipulation that the commentators' biases will probably shine more so than it already has...

but still - I love the idea.

I used to catch a lot of football games by radio.
8/24/11 7:09:24PM
Not a bad idea. It beats hitting F5 100 times for PBP...and if a match sounds really exciting, I can't imagine the listeners not doing everything in their power to tune into the fight on the tube.
8/25/11 12:31:51PM
i would def listen if i dont have the opportunity to watch
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